With AS Biz Dev we can give you the boost you need to progress, develop potential and maximise your assets using our experience and international network of professionals.

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Project Management

Whether it be launching a product, conquering a market or finding new suppliers, AS Biz Dev will provide the focused project management required for success.

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Business Development

AS Biz Dev can become your voice by offering an efficient distribution strategy; identifying and connecting you with future local partners.

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Our experience will help you successfully navigate changes, easing the turbulence that often accompanies growth and evolution within a business.

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AS Biz Dev is more than just another business development start-up. We avoid unrealistic, miracle solutions and instead create grounded strategy and tangible results by finding focused answers to your needs.

From start to finish, and more particularly on Africa and Middle East area, we are at your side developing and executing turnkey projects.

Your success is our trademark.


Loyalty, commitment and responsibility is in our DNA, driving our choices, shaping our actions and pushing us to excellence.

The trust you place in AS Bis Dev is well deserved.

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At AS Bis Dev loyalty constitutes the focus of our customer relationship. Wherever you are based, we adapt our working methods for your business practice. Our loyalty means no risky promises or untimely budget overruns, your direction will be transparent.

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Our commitment to working with you is about more than just a contract. Our commitment is an entire team at your side, without borders or timezones focused on achieving the set of objectives within the deadlines.

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AS Biz Dev is proud of its ecologically and socially responsible business practices – offering fair pricing, paying bills on time and supporting local suppliers. We are committed to respecting workers’ rights, developing equal opportunities and diversity, guaranteeing health and safety in the workplace and providing training to our staff.

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