With 20 years of international experience, working with AS Biz Dev means a good idea on paper will always translate to success in reality.



With experience on an international scale in the automotive industry (Mecaplast, CNH Industrial), our know-how covers all stages of the industrial project plan, including sourcing, planning, orders and stock management.


Furthermore, we’ll always be there to evaluate the economic impact and help you make the right decisions.

Increasing visibility


Having managed large marketing and communication budgets (Primagaz), we have the necessary skills to help you stand out and increase visibility.


Through product quality enhancement, studies of competition and effective planning we will make your marketing and communications a success.

Accompanying the management


Using our expertise we will be able to partner your management in adapting, refining and evolving your company.


Having managed large teams, across multiple sites, in various languages means we have the know-how to build on past successes, move forward and forge trust within a team.