Support Your Growth

With AS Biz Dev we can give you the boost you need to progress, develop potential and maximise your assets using our experience and international network of professionals.

Whether you are a local SME or a global industrial group, our flexible solutions can be adapted to your needs. Our quality is guaranteed, with flawless execution from beginning to end using our three-step process; Project Management, Business Development and Partnership.

Before considering the opportunities for growth, we analyze your company’s strengths and resources and assess the requirements needed to carry out your project with a shared vision.


Project management


Whether it be launching a product, conquering a market or finding new suppliers, AS Biz Dev will provide the focused project management required for success. We will prepare a business plan that ensures streamlining all links in the chain; planning and coordinating tasks, implementing logistic and operational solutions, execution control, resource optimization and risk management. We will save you time and money by more effectively utilizing your resources.

Business development


AS Biz Dev can become your voice by offering an efficient distribution strategy; identifying and connecting you with future local partners. We will design and adapt technical solutions to help you conquer new markets and we will manage the marketing strategy and customer relations. Your commercial development is our focus.



Our experience will help you successfully navigate changes, easing the turbulence that often accompanies growth and evolution within a business.

By accompanying your employees, step by step, and including them in organisational change we will help implement progress – offering ad hoc training to help prepare them for company growth.