Who is Who

Stéphane ALLAIN

To the “I”, he undoubtedly prefers the “we”. Founder of AS Biz Dev, Stéphane ALLAIN does not pretend to reinvent business development on his own. After 20 years spent analyzing and developing international markets on behalf of major industrial groups, he has chosen to pursue his career in a different way, by charting his own course. A path that he wished to follow in his own image: humanistic and realistic, adventurous without being adventurous. A path that broadens the horizon and increases the range of possibilities.

Founder of AS Biz Dev, Stephane Allain has 20 years of experience analyzing and developing international markets on behalf of major industrial groups with global sourcing, purchasing, forecasting, team management, product marketing and marketing & communication all within his remit.

Having studied Mechanical and Production Engineering, Chinese in Wuhan University in parallel with an International Business degree at the Europe Asia Management Institute, he has extensive experience in the automotive market and climbed the ladder at Dongfeng Citroen, Mecaplast, CNH Industrial and Robertshaw.

Accomplished in the field and a tireless traveller, Stephane has experience across multiple cultures, speaking French, English, Italian and Chinese.

Now living between France and Tunisia he describes himself as a “cultural Swiss army knife” – able to adapt effortlessly.

Outside of work Stephane maintains a passion for ultra-running – another outlet for his ambition, perseverance and adaptability.

On both sides of the Mediterranean

The famous ” subway, work, sleep “: very little for him! Stéphane’s life is a permanent journey between France and Tunisia where he often spends time with his wife. One foot in Europe and the other in Africa, he has found his balance, at the crossroads of two worlds of which he feels a full-fledged citizen. Both from here and elsewhere, he defines himself as a “cultural Swiss army knife” adapting to the other without effort, in tolerance and mutual respect.

On the run

Both in his head and in his legs, Stéphane is fidgeting. His brain is never on standby, stimulated by the comings and goings of ideas and projects. His steps lengthen and become trampled as soon as the businessman gives way to the long-distance runner, ultra-trailer, or ultra-marathoner. And here he is, once again, swallowing up the kilometers off the beaten track, with the resistance, stubbornness, and willingness to surpass himself that distinguish him. The road can be long and uneven, Stéphane will always go all the way because his mentality is that of a fighter. You’ve already been warned!